Welcome to the new home of Toast & Jam online! We hope you like the look of our new website! Wow, what a crazy ride we've taken!  Toast & Jam was supposed to be a little sideline project - something that would fill a couple nights every month.  Well that was in 2002, and so much has happened since then!

We're busier than we ever expected to be, and we're lovin it!  There's no sign of slowing down, and that suits us fine.  And more challenges are ahead of us: we've been to countless places in Ontario, and we're crossing the border into the U.S. on a regular basis, making a name for ourselves in more and more places like Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois, Nebraska, Colorado, Virginia, Washington DC, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Maryland and more!

All this from a simple idea out of Mark's head: an acoustic duet, with a unique percussion kit, an acoustic guitar, and some good harmonies to fill the sound!  And it's ALL LIVE. We take pride in being able to say that EVERYTHING you hear is being played LIVE on stage. No computers. No backing tracks. WHY? Because we think that's what live music SHOULD be: ALL LIVE. Otherwise, it's karaoke.


Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.